31 March 2013

2013 FIA GT Series pit stop challenge announced

It won’t just be the on-track battles that catch the eye in the 2013 FIA GT Series. Rivalries will be just as fierce in the pit lane this year, after the announcement today that an official ‘Pit Stop Challenge’ competition will commence from the first round at Nogaro this weekend.

Each entry that races in the FIA GT Series will take part in the ‘against the stop-watch’ contest. Both the ‘Qualifying’ and ‘Main’ race pit stops will be combined at each event and the least time spent from pit-entry to pit-exit will win €2000. This will be presented immediately before the podium ceremonies, after each FIA GT Series ‘Main’ race.

Rewarding speed, dexterity and synchronization, the Pit Stop Challenge will test the highly skilled FIA GT Series teams. They will have to change their Pirelli tyres and install their driver at the mandatory pit stops. Adding plenty of spice to the teamwork in the pit lane will be a points table. The top ten fastest of the combined pit stops at each event will receive points to the standard 25-18-15-12-10,etc scale. A special Trophy will be awarded to the ‘pit stop kings’ at the end of the season. 

Speaking at Nogaro today about the initiative, founder and CEO of SRO Motorsports Group, Stephane Ratel said: “The competitive instinct runs through everyone involved in motorsport. Rewarding the hard working crews of the teams for their skill and organisation will add an interesting extra element to our events this season. I am sure that the rivalries in the pit lanes will be just as intense as those between the drivers in the cockpit.”

Unrestricted pit stops are the an exciting and distinguishing feature of the FIA GT Series, unlike most national GT sprint series where a set minimum time is given.


•        All entered cars in the FIA GT Series will take part
•        The two pit stop times for each car are added. 
•        Only pit stops with tyre change and driver change, taking place during the window
          of 25 – 35
          minutes, are counted towards the total time
•        A car which does not complete a stop will receive a statutory time
•        A pit stop which later receives a penalty will also be given a statutory time
•        The lowest combined time over the race weekend will win the Pit Stop Challenge
          for that event.
•        A mechanic from the car in question will receive the prize cheque for the event

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